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Special Requirements for Dirt Riding: 

Your safety is of utmost importance. You must be an experienced off-road rider to partake in our extended off-road riding. Our definition of "experienced" is that you have ridden off-road motorcycles for a number of years at some point in your life and are comfortable riding in most terrain and situations. You must also carry private medical insurance.

We ride across the open desert, which requires you to be cautious of the extremes of the this environment. Take the ride seriously, dress for a crash, but enjoy the ride.

You must wear complete safety gear to include helmet, goggles, boots, and gloves.

You MUST bring at least 2 liters of water (as in a Camel Pack), which you MUST replenish when able.

Your bike MUST be able to go 65 miles on a tank of gas, or you must carry extra fuel. Total mileage for the round-trip is a minimum of 110 miles depending on route.

Inner tubes should have some kind of puncture sealant, like Slime.

Handlebars should have some kind of hand protection to avoid cactus needles ending up in your knuckles if you happen to veer off course. (See photo...)

Your machine must be in good condition, with good tires. Mufflers with Forest Service approved spark-arrestors are required to be legal.

If you break down or are unable to continue, we will help facilitate getting you and your bike back to Diamond Bell Ranch, or help facilitate getting you to a medical facility as necessary. We ask that you give us contact information for us to be able to notify someone in case of an emergency.


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