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Arivaca Ride

For dirt riding, our epic, all-day, 100% dirt adventure is traveling from Diamond Bell Ranch to Arivaca, where we will have a stop for food and then for fuel. (Bring money to pay for your food and fuel.) The dirt riding is not extremely demanding, but experience in riding through rough, rocky, and tight, technical terrain is necessary. "Fire Roading" encompasses most of our routes. Your bike must be able to travel 65 miles on a tank of gas.

There are various routes to get to Arivaca, and typically we will run the more difficult routes to Arivaca, and then take it easy on the way back. These easier routes however, tend to bring out the kid in everyone.

The riding is literally in the open desert and requires some preparation in order to assure the ride remains fun (please check our "requirements" link). Your motorcycle must be in good condition. Bottom line is safety and your well-being. 

Depending on the demographics of the riders, we will adjust the ride pace so everyone enjoys the experience. For skill levels in the expert range, there are plenty of opportunities to explore your limits, but for every experienced rider, this ride is an adventure. Your main skill will be finding the best line through whatever obstacles present themselves. Whether it is through a rock-strewn ravine, or throttle wide open, foot down, sliding through a speedway-type corner, riding within your limits will give you the time necessary to avoid a flat or ending your day on your head. Our main goal is to have fun. Ride fast or take it easy, but always remember to be safe and courteous. 

The Arivaca ride usually takes 2 - 3 hours to get there depending on our route and average speed, so you'll want to pace yourself. The view may tend to take your concentration off your riding, so be aware and keep your focus-level that is required for the pace your are riding. Our routes tend to have you feeling you are into a rhythm, and then a sudden, sharp bend will remind you to take it easy. We'll be sure to take breaks for photos and mother nature.

After some great riding, we'll end up at Café Aribac, an establishment that welcomes all riders. They offer all kinds of coffee, sandwiches, assorted bagele and keisch, and of course, an awesome place to relax. Kickin' back on the patio is encouraged as well as the refilling of your coffee. The food is great even though the menu is somewhat limited and depending on what time we arrive, they may include breakfast as part of the menu. There is no real time limit on our break, and the bench-racing gets thick, but during break, be sure to take a moment to re-fill your water. We are usually riding within an hour.







Once we have had our fill, we'll head to the gas station to top off our gas-tanks and start our return trip to Diamond Bell Ranch. Typically, this is when we start feeling a little spent, so be aware of your degradation of your skill and reactions. Our routes are used by others and a surprise vehicle may pop-up out of nowhere, so remember to ride  accordingly. 

This is a full day of riding. It could be accomplished in 5 hours, but plan for 8 hours so we never feel we have to hurry. When we're done riding, you'll want to unwind with a cold beverage or two. At days end, you'll have had a great, exhausting adventure that you'll want to repeat....

Our parting thought is to ride like you have to be at work or school on Monday. Then we can ride again on Sunday!

To ride with us, please review our requirements.



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